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The biggest Cannabis website in the world. A deep dive into Leafly and their SEO

The biggest Cannabis website in the world. A deep dive into Leafly and their SEO

If you’ve ever wondered what the biggest cannabis website in the world might be, Leafly has raised their hand and indicated they are #1 with over 15 million monthly visitors and 40 million page views across across their websites and mobile apps.

Leafly is largely a content-based destination, along with a dispensary business directory that to some degree threatens their ability to maintain their leadership position unless they broaden their overall revenue strategy.

The biggest Cannabis website in the world. A deep dive into Leafly and their SEO

How much money does Leafly make?

According to, 2015 annual revenue was $ 8.5 million, while Owler estimates Leafly annual revenue at $5.5 million..

With 310 employees currently listed on the Leafly Linkedin page, relying on display advertising and premium directory placements doesn’t exactly pay the bills for a company that wants to keep growing, much like the long-term viability of sites like Weedmaps of which we’ve posted about previously..

Don’t get me wrong.. I really enjoy Leafly content and hit them up on a regular basis, especially their videos that often get over a million views each. Take a look at PAX, which is projecting $113 million in revenue for 2019 and potentially hitting $1.2 billion by 2023 to better understand why being a content producer isn’t going to scale over time as a business.

But we’re in this for the SEO…

One interesting aspect about Leafly is that they have both a .ca and .com version of their site. I’m not really sure how they deal with things like duplicate content which can be a SEO issue, but each have very different SEO profiles.

SEO Profile for

The biggest Cannabis website in the world. A deep dive into Leafly and their SEO

SEO Profile for

The biggest Cannabis website in the world. A deep dive into Leafly and their SEO

For today, we’ll concentrate on the bigger of the two.

SEO audit for Leafly (

DR Rank – 84
DR stands for Domain Rank, it’s a score used to determine the authority of your website in search engine rankings. This is also commonly referred to as DA (Domain Authority) depending on the SEO tool you are using.

Referring Domains – 18,400
This is the total number of domains or websites that link back to

Referring Pages – 839,836
This is the total number of pages that link back to

Backlinks – 5,572,570
This is the number of actual links back to

Dofollow Backlinks – 4,701,392
DoFollow links are powerful because these types of links tell Google to pay attention to the site they are linking to and increases the authority score of that website

Nofollow Backlinks – 174,832
NoFollow backlinks are still important, but tells Google to essentially ignore them and doesn’t pass link juice that increases the authority rank of the website they’re linking to

Search Keywords by Position Rank
Search keywords by position are the search terms people use when searching on Google and link back to Leafly. Being #1 on Google is huge, but the value also depends on how often people search for those keywords.

northern lights mmj120
blunt rolled170
trichome weed1150
what is marijuana tincture180
marijuana review1100
marijuana dispensary products180
rosin with kief120
sugar punch grow120
altitude dispensary east150
durban poison thc180
weed strains reviews140
is it illegal to buy cannabis seeds180
highest amount of thc in weed120
skatalite strain1150
higher ground eugene1150
sensible cannabis180
the pink strain150
how to grow organic weed160
crack kush130
jillybean leafly1100
texas cannabis news1200
ethiopian flag lion of judah180
cannabis seedling growth170
m39 weed150
what do cannabis plants look like130
chem dawg kush150
new marijuana products150
super silver strain1100
top shelf wellness1250
cannatonic leafly1150
goo berry strain1100
dabbing setup120
og kush shatter190
marijuana grow process190
supersilver haze120
marijuana oil cartridge1100
buying weed seeds online1100
list of conditions for medical weed130
cheese strain weed190
20 mg cbd1100
og glue strain110
weed seed germination process110
different strains of marijuana and their effects120
diablo og seeds130
weed branch140
northern lights cannabis strain140
shatter review120
jilly bean leafly160
how to make weed infused honey120
green crack marijuana strain1200
weed cherry120
og kush platinum120
sedona dispensary1100
cotton candy kush leafly120
pre 98 kush120
how to identify male cannabis plants110
how to increase bud size130
chem d1150
kid and cookies150
cookie dough weed1200
pre grinding weed1100
mountain berry strain170
big cannabis plants130
marijuana seed information120
tinctures marijuana110
trimming cannabis plant120
leafly god's gift1150
cannibus seeds for sale130
weed butter crockpot1200
goji og phenotypes130
green crack price1300
where can i buy marijuana seeds online160
cannabis skunk120
shatter rigs140
weed high chart160
strawberry cough thc levels170
how to build a marijuana greenhouse130
highest potency marijuana120
barry white weed strain170
guide to growing weed1100
chunky d150
cannabis juice recipes170
cannabis seeds california dispensary130
future strain1300
space queen strain review150
durban poisen1150
chocolate thai stick1150
how to sex a weed plant1150
white bubba kush140
marijuana sativa and indica160
how to control munchies170
coconut oil infused with thc120
how to qualify for medical weed190

Search Keywords By Volume
Search keywords by volume is the actual number of searches for a specific keyword or term on Google. You don’t need to be ranked #1 for a keyword with big search volumes for huge SEO wins and can often be more valuable than ranking #1 if more people are coming to your website with that search volume.

delivery near me764,000192
girl scout cookies236,000121
gene simmons140,0002
dispensary near me135,0004
vape pen133,000194
tommy chong132,000151
mk ultra114,000208
pineapple express112,0007
ace of spades111,0001418
charlotte's web102,0009
cbd gummies84,000102
gorilla glue77,00094
indica vs sativa77,0007
killer queen66,000161
sativa vs indica65,00091
dispensaries near me62,0001
marijuana news62,00052
what is cbd59,00011
sour diesel55,0001
grease monkey54,000121
blue dream53,0001
charlotte's web cbd52,00010

With all of this content, where does Leafly get some of those 5.5 million backlinks? Here’s a quick list that makes them the biggest cannabis website in the world.

Referring page - BacklinksDomain RankReferring DomainsLinked Domains
Leafly (leaflydotcom) on Pinterest97N/A5
Leafly Marijuana Strain and Dispensary Reviews on the App Store - itunes96N/A4
Cannabidiol - Wikipedia953,211106
Leafly—the world's cannabis information resource – Google Play95216
WHO Report Finds No Public Health Risks Or Abuse Potential For CBD - Forbes9338611
What is CBD? The 'miracle' cannabis compound that doesn't get you high | Society | The Guardian9330110
Silicon Valley Tries to Alter Your Perception of Cannabis - The New York Times936225
Marijuana’s rising acceptance comes after many failures. Is it now legalization’s time? - The Washington Post9214225
The Wedding-Industrial Complex Has a New Moneymaker: Marijuana - Bloomberg926117
BBC - Travel - Rise of the tourist-friendly ganjapreneurs92414
High Time? Websites Give Cannabis a Classy New Look - ABC News92110
10 Things I Learned Working In A Cannabis Dispensary - Yahoo/Huffington Post922629
Australia wants to sell pot to the world - CNN Money926418
The FBI Says It Can't Find Hackers to Hire Because They All Smoke Pot - VICE9116125
8 Ways to Grow Medical Marijuana - wikiHow915534
Outside Lands music festival sells cannabis for first time - Los Angeles Times917613
This Former DEA Agent Is Going to Work in the Marijuana Business - The Atlantic912313
Forget Growing Weed—Make Yeast Spit Out CBD and THC Instead | WIRED9125612
As it grows, marijuana business becomes more tech savvy - CBS News911519
Sparking up a trend: These nations are following Canada's lead on legal cannabis | CBC News918632
Is There a Better Way to Talk About Wine? | The New Yorker915423
Is CBD legal? Here’s what you need to know, according to science | PBS NewsHour9111236

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